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  • Ballot counters stand at the back of the room once all speeches have been delivered and wait for judges to complete their ballots.

  • Ballot counters then collect the ballots from the judges raised hands, and when all have been received leave the room with the Chief Judge to count ballots and identify a winner.

  • The Chief Judge will provide a Counter's Tally Sheet. One ballot counter will write the names of all the judges down the left hand side of the sheet and the names of the contestants in speaking order across the top and be prepared to fill in the form.

  • A second ballot counter will open all the judges ballots; ensure the judge has signed the form and identified the top three placed speakers – no ties. Then this counter identifies the name of the judge and reads out the names of their 3 finalists. The ballot counter then assigns points to each of these 3 individuals on the form.
    (3 points for 1st; 2 points for 2nd; 1 point for 3rd).

    This continues until all judges' ballots have been recorded. Then the scores for each contestant are tallied and totaled on the bottom of the sheet.

  • The third counter (if applicable) verifies all that has occurred and confirms the total points assigned. Winners are identified by total number of points assigned in descending order. Only the top 3 placements are announced to the audience.

  • The winner and runners up are then recorded on the very bottom of the Counter's Tally Sheet and the Chairman is advised. At this time, the Calligrapher will complete the finalist certificates.

  • Should a tie occur for any of the top 3 placements, the Chief Judge will oversee the use of the Tie Breaker judges ballot.

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