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Before the Contest
  • Ensure the greeters/hosts/ticket takers are ready.

  • Ensure all arrangements are complete for the following:

    - head table is set up with three chairs.
    - table is set up with 2 chairs for the timers (complete with lights and stop   watches.
    - microphone (if applicable, is it operating).
    - water/glasses/water jug are set up for the head table and if requested, for contestants.
  • Be present for the Master of Ceremony's briefing of the contestants. Ensure you know of any special requirements they may have.

During the Contest

  • Trouble shoot.

  • Man the door area (if not done by the ticket takers or the host/greeters) once the contest is in progress and limit entry during the speeches i.e. do not allow any entry while a contest speaker is giving his/her talk.

  • Set up the room for any special requirements needed by the next speaker. If you must be away from the entry door, ask someone to stand in your place.

  • At the 2nd to last speaker, advise the "kitchen" or "facilities support persons" that the refreshments may be brought forward in about 10 minutes time.

  • Help tidy up the contest room afterwards, if possible.

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