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Responsibilities of the Ticket Sellers and Cash Collectors

Cash responsibility of the ticket sellers:
  • Have both door people count and confirm the float before contestants and guests arrive

  • Arrive if possible 30-45 minutes before the contest start.

  • Record how much it was and sign your names on the cash envelope

  • Count out the contest tickets – both "single" and "5 ticket pass" and note how many you have

  • Ensure you receive a list of all contestants from the Eligibility and Registration Chair prior to attendees arriving (as contestants do not pay).

  • Ensure you have blank "sign in" forms for attendees and the Not for Profit sign, which is to be displayed on the table at the door.

  • Ticket takers (2 minimum) stationed just inside the door, to the contest area will receive cash and/or give out tickets ensuring all guests pay, even those in support roles (including Golden Gavel Committee members). The only exception is the contestants; their

  • These 2 individuals hand out the contest programs.

  • Ticket sellers should confirm with the Support Roles Chairpersons if unsure of the entry fee for the contests and if any advance ticket sales or special arrangements. You will be provided with a sign listing all admission price breakdowns.

  • Every time a ticket is sold, mark it down on the form provided for that purpose. This will help track the amount of tickets sold to the amount of cash received (you should balance at the end of the contests.

  • NOTE: if anyone arrives with a prepaid 5 ticket pass, as this will affect your total cash count and will also ensure that the Chair knows how many people are in attendance for the contest.

  • Door persons may be selling tickets right up to the contest start time, so you may have to hold on to all of the tickets, float and money received until the break or the end of the contest before submitting to the Treasurer.

  • At end of the contest(s) count the remaining tickets, count the money received and record both on the envelope provided. In the envelope provided, put the tickets, money received and your float. Sign, date and seal the envelope. Hand it directly to the Golden Gavel Treasurer.

Responsibilities of the Host, Hostess and Greeters

  • Arrive at the venue at least 30-45 minutes before the contest start.

  • Familiarize yourself with the entire facility.

  • Find out where these areas are: coat racks, entrance ticket table, promotion table, area to be used by the Chief Judge and team, men's and women's washrooms, parking, etc.

  • Find out who the following people are so you can direct inquiries: Chairperson, Master of Ceremonies, Chief Judge, Sergeant at Arms, Ticket Sellers/Door persons, Silent Auction, Facilities persons, Support Roles Chairs and contestants.

  • Stay at the entrance to greet as many people as you can. Offer direction and assistance    when needed. You may be required to stay at the entrance right up to the contest start to assist with late-comers.

  • Liaison with the Sergeant at Arms in controlling the entrance doors during speeches (no one is to either enter or leave during a contestant's speech).

  • Suggest to contestants they choose seats that allow easy access to and from the front of the room.

  • If you have any questions, please ask either the Support Roles Chairs or the Golden Gavel Contest Chair
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