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  • The ONLY times which MUST be recorded are that of the speakers. No other records of time are needed.

  • Ensure that you have received official Time Record Sheets from the Chief Judge.

  • There shall be at least 2 Timers who will be responsible to keep the official record of the time of each contestant's speech on the form provided for their use. They will record the name of each contestant in speaking order as well as the speech time in minutes and seconds.

  • The timers shall be seated in such a position that lights are clearly visible to the speakers, but not obvious to the audience and test the lights prior to the start of the contest to ensure they are in working order. Only one set of lights is used and turned on. The second set of lights is on hand in case of problems with the other set of lights.

  • Timing shall begin with the first word the contestant utters following the introductory applause and announcement of the contestant. Should the contestant engage in definite verbal or nonverbal communication with the audience (including the playing of music or other sound effects, a staged act by another person etc.) prior to reaching the speaking position and uttering the first word of the speech, the timer should activate the timing device at this point. If this results in the speech going overtime, the contestant will then be disqualified.

  • A speaker will be disqualified from the contest if he/she speaks under 4 minutes 30 seconds or over 7 minutes 30 seconds. Circle any time entry which is either under or over the time requirement.

  • Immediately following the last speech, submit the Time Record Sheet to the Chief Judge.

  • Lights are to be turned on as follows:
      The green light will be turned on at 5 minutes and remain on for one minute
      The yellow light will be turned on at 6 minutes and remain on for one minute
      The red light will be turned on at 7 minutes and remain on until the speech is concluded
      NOTE: Prior to the start of the competition, contestants may request that a green card be shown at 4 minutes, 30 seconds, so they know they have met the minimum time requirements. Lights will then be shown at stated above.
  • No audible device, such as a buzzer, shall be used to indicate a speaker is over time.

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